Highly insulating storage hall
In early 2022, we built a high-insulation hall for storage and production. 12×20.6m (W/D) for Vod ateh a company engaged in the manufacture and preparation of rainwater harvesting and harvesting systems, water filtration and offering a wide range of water purification systems for
appliances for households and industry
The client wanted to maintain the temperature inside the building above 15°C. We achieved this with 15cm thick stone wool insulation panels.
The usable height is 4.9m at the peak and 8m at the ridge.
The building has a platform at a height of 3.25 m with a load capacity of 500 kg/m2.
The walking surface of the platform is made of quality tinplate.
Daylight is provided by windows in the interior of the building, with a total area of 28m2.

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