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Rar-eco d.o.o. has been manufacturing and assembling industrial tents of the highest standards for two decades. Rar-eco d.o.o. industrial tents are manufactured to the highest European standards. We are always committed to advising and assisting our clients from the first point of contact (enquiry) to the (post)installation phase. We follow and implement modern standards and approaches to project work, and our team is made up of experts who are certified in their fields of expertise.

We also produce on-demand and custom storage tents. We can also produce standardised industrial tents. To view our standard offer? Follow the link to see our standardized industrial tents.


setting up an industrial tentRar-eco storage tents consist of steel box or IPE profiles and steel poles. Manufactured in accordance with SIST EN 1090-1 and SIST EN 1090-2 and hot-dip galvanised in accordance with SIST EN ISO 1461:2009. Roofing and side coverings may be made of PVC flame retardant canvas, trapezoidal sheeting or ISO insulation panels.

Industrial doors of different dimensions and designs can be installed on request. Industrial tents are suitable for production, sales, warehousing, trade fairs, combined production and commercial buildings, as well as for recreational and leisure purposes. A building permit may be required for a non-complex building. We actively assist you in obtaining a building permit with the relevant documentation.

Rar-eco storage tents are robust and made of modern, high-quality materials. Rar-eco tents and structures have a long service life. The tents have a variety of uses. From premises to storage to workshops. The maintenance required for this type of industrial construction is minimal.

Rar-eco industrial tents pros

1 – Easy and relatively quick installation.

2 – Competitive price, no “hidden” costs.

3 – Modular units (portable and upgradeable).

4 – Typical solutions (standard tents).

5 – Also customised (turnkey) solutions.

6 – Short delivery and installation times.

7 – Quality materials and an experienced (certified) team.

8 – Ventilated industrial tents.

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