The Rar-eco team


Rar-eco d.o.o. is a company that is increasingly establishing itself on the market of simple prefabricated buildings manufactured according to European guidelines and the SIST EN 13782:2015 standard. We have experienced certified welders in our team and the metal structures are manufactured according to SIST EN 1090-1 and SIST EN 1090-2. And our engineers and designers are here to help you realise your out-of-the-box wishes. We are a small but flexible and efficient team. We keep up with new developments and use installation materials that originate in Slovenia and whose quality meets all standards. We have recently acquired new production premises in the Komenda Business Zone and are thus realising our vision to be a modern, successful and affordable long-term business partner.


Technical director


Project manager

How does working with us benefit you?

  • We have been awarded an Excellence rating.
  • We meet the quality requirements for welding work in accordance with SIST EN ISO 3834-3.
  • We manufacture structures in accordance with SIST EN 1090-1 and SIST EN 1090-2.
  • We are small, but that makes us flexible.
  • We actively involve the customer in all production processes.
  • Dedication, close cooperation with clients and responsiveness.
  • We offer a competitive price, with no “hidden” costs.
  • We have standard solutions.
  • We also have customised/desired solutions.
  • We guarantee realistic delivery and installation times.

Would you like to get in toch with our sales team? Call us on +38651376665

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